About us

The idea of WetHoof came to me back in 2016 when I bought a former racehorse with bad hooves.

I wanted to train and compete with my English thoroughbred but the bad hooves made sure to put a stop on my plans. It was extremely frustrating to cancel training sessions because of lose horseshoes. At the end, I had to put all training aside and focus on the hooves.

I searched the internet for products, guidelines, tips and tricks and listened to experts in the subject.

My farrier told me that the best way to have good hooves was to let my horse stand in buckets of water or rinse with water for about 20 minutes. My horse didn’t like to stand in buckets of water and to rinse for 20 minutes was time-consuming but also a waste of water. There had to be an easier more time effective solution.

That’s when the idea for WetHoof came to life.

Introducing WetHoof

Dry hooves on your horse can become a pain that causes lose horseshoes, cracked hooves that make it harder for the farrier to fit shoes and in the long term your horse may have to rest a couple of months to get a better quality on their hooves.

By applying moisture on the hooves during dry season, the hooves will become more elastic and the farrier will be able to fit shoes easier. This is done today by bathing the hooves with water or using different types of products which in both cases are timeconsuming and expensive.

WetHoof are a pair of handmade boots that give the hooves the moisture needed. The material soaks up water and can give a moisturizing effect up to 12 hours with just a dip in water. WetHoof can be used when in the stable and in the box overnight.

It’s also reusable since you can machine wash it up to 60 degrees celsius.