Natural moisturizing for dry hooves

A specially developed product for an easy and simple way to provide natural
moisturizing for dry hooves. WetHoof is very simple to use and saves time for the
user. You let WetHoof absorb water for 10 seconds and then you apply WetHoof on each hoof for natural moisturizing.

- No more hassle with trying to get your horse to stand in water filled buckets
- No more wasting time to stand and rinse with a waterhose

Delivered in a smart package that is reusable, fill the package with water and let
WetHoof absorb the water for 10 seconds before use. A dip in water provides moisture for up to 12 hours.

There are three different sizes

Size S fits C and D ponies

Size M fits horses and D ponies with thicker hooves

Size L fits a large horse with really large hooves

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